Aldiko Pro e-book reader Android

Aldiko Pro e-book reader

Aldiko Pro e-book reader

Aldiko Pro e-book reader

Aldiko Pro e-book reader
Seamlessly browse and download thousands of books to your Smartphones or tablets right from the app. No computer, no cable, no subscription. Tens of thousands of titles available for free.

Browse multi-language book catalogs.


View what’s featured on the online book catalogs. Read detailed description and online reviews before you download.

Quickly find the book that you are looking for with our powerful search tool


Comfortable reading experience with full screen view. Rich colors, crisp and sharp text make reading a pleasure. Turning pages by using intuitive swipe or tap gestures, or using the hardware volume keys.
Fully customizable

Personalize your reading experience. Adjust text size, font type, font and background colors, margin, alignment as well as line spacing to best suit your preferences.

Adjust the brightness of your display by sliding your finger along the left edge of the touchscreen.
Night time reading

Easily switch to Night mode when reading in low-luminosity areas.
Easy navigation

Create your own bookmarks anywhere in the book. Rapidly jump to a different section of the book through the table of content.
Search & dictionary

Touch and hold any word to search for it throughout the entire book, or look it up in dictionary, on Google or Wikipedia.

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Aldiko Pro e-book reader


Instruction: once you downloaded it, install it with either App Installer, or click on it, Android system will install it for you.
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