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If you are constantly worrying about your battery life, and want to know how to get the most out of it, then Battery Doctor Pro is for you. Battery Doctor Pro is another battery minding app for the iPhone, which is supposed to help you get the maximum battery life out of your device. With the ability to track and plot your full cycle charges, you can get an accurate running time for the most commonly used tasks on the iPhone, as well as track the total life of your battery. Battery Doctor Pro has been sitting in the Top 25 for weeks, but is it the best? Let’s find out.



Battery Doctor Pro is packed with features and has a great UI to boot. Once it loads up, Battery Doctor Pro has a nice interface with a complete list of running times for all the processes on your iPhone. It also lets you know how much time it will take for a complete charge.

    • Status

Battery Doctor Pro’s Status section gives you an accurate breakdown on how long your battery will last performing the most common tasks and on your current charge.

    • Maintain

This section in Battery Doctor Pro recommends how far to let your battery run down before a recharge to get maximum life is required. Charging too often actually shortens battery life overall.

    • Log

The Log portion keeps track of your normal and full cycle charges. It then plots the performance you are getting from each charge on a graph for easy viewing.

    • IMG_0021Themes

Themes allows you to customize your battery indicator color, or even use a photo to personalize your battery indicator for that extra special touch.

    • Tips

Many tips are offered to help you get the most our of your battery, and in return your device. You’ll find tips like when you should fully charge your battery, proper ways of charging your device, information about charge cycles, how to keep your device from overheating while charging and more.

  • Health
    According to Apple a properly maintained battery will keep up to 80 percent of its original capacity. This section allows you to adjust the health percentage of your battery to ensure that you are getting proper readings.

  • Settings, Help and About
    This portion is pretty self explanatory. You can change some of the in app settings like alarm sound, lock theme and trickle charge. If you need more help, the Help section will give you a link to their support page, how thoughtful. And finally I think you guys can figure out what the About page is.

The Breakdown:

The Good:

IMG_0023Game Lingo, LLC has done a really great job on Battery Dooctor Pro. The design is very visually appealing and the layout is easy to use. I also like the fact that they include tips for most common battery saving practices right in Battery Doctor Pro. Battery Doctor Pro seems to do an even better job on the iPhone 4, although its performance on the 3GS  was good as well. Additionally Battery Doctor Pro is already iOS4 multitasking capable, so it is currently my battery minding app of choice.

The Bad:

I don’t really have anything bad to say about Battery Doctor Pro. Even though it’s just one of many iPhone battery apps, I think it is one of the more polished and feature-rich ones on the App Store.

I think it would be better if the developers tied the full cycle charge feature into the battery health indicator. This would make the health indicator more accurate than manually adjusting it.

The Verdict:

After using Battery Doctor Pro over the last few days, I think that it is certainly one of the best battery extending apps in the App Store. It’s ideal for getting the maximum information and management out of your iPhone battery. At only $.99, I highly recommend Battery Doctor Pro to anyone with an iDevice. At that price you can’t go wrong.


Battery Doctor Pro


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Jan 14, 2010
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