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Eye Illusions

Eye Illusions


Eye Illusions

Eye Illusions currently features over 80 images with more being added weekly and sometimes even daily. Images consist of weird lines, motion illusions, impossible objects, appearing objects, hidden objects, and color tests.

When you enter a category of images, you can view them one by one by swiping or by tapping the left and right arrows on the bottom bar. The bottom bar also contains the ability to rate an image, mark it as a favorite, play through all of the images in a category automatically, or go back to the home page. This bottom bar can also be hidden so you can view the entire image by itself.

In the top right-hand corner of each image is an info button. This gives you some background information on the category (if you are on the first image) and a short blurb about what you should be seeing. Some of the image descriptions can be rather bare, however, with little more than a question asking what you are seeing.

You can see what images have become the most popular and which are new to the app via the top bar on the home page. Here, you can also view your favorite images instead of scrolling through all of them to find the one you liked.

While some of the images are actually quite amazing, specifically a handful of the weird lines, motion illusions, and appearing objects, many of the other images are just ho-hum. Even some of the other moderately interesting ones are just different versions of images you have already seen.

Another small issue I have with the images is that they can’t be saved without the silly info icon. This really takes away from the ability to use the images for a lock screen background, or any other means for that matter, because you have a tacky “i” stuck in it.

All in all, Eye Illusions is one of the best optical illusion apps out there thanks to its easy to use UI and handful of truly amazing images. As long as new images keep coming, $.99 isn’t actually that bad of a price. Just don’t expect too much from it. In Eye Illusions’ case, what you see is truly what you get.

Eye Illusions

Category: Entertainment
May 05, 2010
Version: 1.1
1.6 MB