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Game EmulatorsPack for AndroidRequirements: All Android versions (look below for exceptions)This pack contains the latest versions of all Emulators available to date.

Play your favorite Playstation, Sega, Nintendo, Game Boy, SNES, Nintendo DS old game…

Also contains 3 apps (Rom Buddy PSX, Rom Buddy and Rom Search Plus) to search and download roms directly from your phone.


-Gensoid (SEGA Genesis Emu) v2.4.3
-GameBoid (GBA Emulator) v2.4.7
-SNesoid (SNES Emulator) v2.2.4
-GBCoid (GBC emulator) v1.8.6
-Nesoid (NES emulator) v2.5.0
-Android Arcade Emulator (MAME) v1.0.1
-Gearoid (SEGA Master System/Game Gear emulator) v1.7.2
-ggNES Full (NES/FC emulator) v1.2.4
-psx4droid (PSX Emulator) v3.0.0 (Android 2.0+)
-PCE.emu (Pc-Engine/Turbo Grafx 16 Emulator) v1.3.21
-Tiger GVBA (Game Boy Advance /Game Boy Emulator) v1.3.9
-Tiger Sega Genesis Emulator v1.0.3
-Tiger SNES Emulator v2.0.6
-Tiger Arcade (MAME) v1.4.2 (CPS1, CPS2, NEOGEO Emulator)
-Tiger NES Emulator v1.0.8
-Tiger GBA Emulator v2.3.2
-Tiger GBC (Game Boy Color) v1.2.9
-Tiger FC/NES Emulator v1.2.0
-Tiger Lab Nintendo DS (NDS) Emulator v1.0
-FPse for android v0.10.36 (Android 2.2 – 2.3)
-nds4droid v1.1.4 (Android 2.1+)

Search/Download Roms Applications:
-Rom Buddy PSX v1.8
-Rom Buddy v2.5
-Rom Search Plus v1.204




Game Emulators