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Papers 3.0.13


Papers 3.0.13

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Papers is an application that bundles all the great technologies that come with Mac OS X to give you a complete new workflow for reading scientific articles.

You can find, download, archive, and organize all your articles within a single application. 

But that is just the start, using spotlight you instantly find back the paper you are looking for.

Read it full-screen, add your notes, and then send a copy to one of your colleagues. These are just a few of the many features that after using them yourself you will never want to give up again.

 Do you also have dozens of PDF files from your favorite scientific articles scattered in the form of PDF files on your hard drive? Do you also try to desperately archive them by renaming and organizing them in folders?

But like the piles of printed articles on your desk, you can’t keep up with all the new papers you download and despite all your efforts it has become impossible to find that one article back. 

Finally that all belongs to the past now.

We’ve been there, trust us, we know. That’s why we wrote Papers, our latest application exclusively for the Mac. Papers will revolutionize the way you deal with scientific papers. 

Search for papers using PubMed, directly retrieve and archive PDFs, and read and study them all from within Papers, your personal library of Science.

What’s new in Papers 3

The first thing you’ll notice when starting Papers 3 is the new stunning user interface. One of the most important changes in Papers 3 is however almost invisible: how easy it is to sync your library between your computers (Macs or PCs) and your iPad and iPhone. We’ve taken a hard look at the whole application and built cloud based syncing as a core feature to all of Papers for Mac, Windows an iOS. Papers now uses Dropbox instead of a local wireless network for syncing, making it easier to get access to your library both at home and in institutional networks (other cloud based syncing services in addition to Dropbox to follow).

This is only the beginning

A fresh, new user interface: the new Papers experience is simpler and more organised.
Navigation modes to keep your work and thoughts organized.
Relevant article suggestions based on the content you are reading.
Automatic PDF download when you import articles.
Better than ever metadata discovery and matching.
Stay connected: discover tweets and posts about the articles you are reading.
View and annotate supplemental files directly within Papers 3.

REQS: Intel 10.7 or later



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v2.7.3 for OS X 10.6 or later
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