Stuffit Deluxe 2011 15.0.0 (Mac OSX) [1 LINK]

Stuffit Deluxe 2011 15.0.0



Stuffit Deluxe 2011 15.0.0 (Mac OSX)

The only compression utility you need

StuffIt Deluxe® gives you all the features you need to backup, share, archive, encrypt and shrink your photos, music, and other documents without compromising quality. Simplify your workflow with our all NEW – StuffIt Destinations™.

StuffIt Deluxe covers all the bases! Key Features Include:

StuffIt Destinations – Make your files as mobile as you are.

Simplify your workflow with our quick drag-and-drop tool! Pack and send your files any way and anywhere you want them to go without worrying about the details. Whether it’s SendStuffNow, MobileMe, FTP, email, or local drives, create as many custom tiles in StuffIt Destinations as you want. Just choose a destination, a compression format type with or without encryption, and a notification option, then simply drag and drop a file onto a tile and it’s off.

Better Compression than Other Utilities

You can create both Zip and StuffIt X Archives. StuffIt’s advanced technology specializes in the compression of MP3, PDF and JPEG files with no quality loss. Shrink documents up to 98% of their original size. Use StuffIt to free-up space on your computer and to fit more compressed files onto CD/DVDs or other drives.

Super-strong Encryption and Password Protection

Secure your compressed data with password protection and encryption with strong 512-bit encryption for SITX archives and AES 256-bit encryption for Zip files.

Self-healing Archives Protect Against Data Loss

StuffIt’s automatic archive repair abilities ensure your data’s integrity over the long haul.

Browse Archive Contents like any folder – No Expansion Necessary

No more having to remember what you put inside, or expanding an archive just to check for something. StuffIt Archive Manager gives you easy browse access to the contents of your archives. Browse the contents of StuffIt X, Zip, Tar, and RAR archives, including encoded archives, and compressed Tar archives (tarballs).

StuffIt Scheduler makes backups a snap – set it and forget it

StuffIt Scheduler is designed to provide a simple, easy to use, personal backup solution. You can use StuffIt Scheduler to schedule automatic file backups, and you can save the backup archives you create to CDs, DVDs, external drives, FTP servers, and even your MobileMe iDisk. Use StuffIt to sift through your files and back up only those items that have recently changed. You can even schedule StuffIt backups to occur automatically at the same time every day.

Plug-in Support for Your Favorite Applications

You can access all the power of StuffIt directly from your favorite applications including support for iPhoto® and Aperture®.

Secure file management & delivery -anytime, anywhere

StuffIt Deluxe includes a subscription to SendStuffNow, a secure file delivery and storage service. With SendStuffNow you can easily deliver files up to 2GB in size without the hassle of email bounces or FTP. Your recipients simply click an emailed link to download files in a web browser, no accounts or special software required!

StuffIt® SmartSend

Take the guesswork out of sending large files via email with SmartSend – simply select the files you want to send and choose “Stuff & Mail.” Small files are automatically compressed and attached to a new email message, while larger items are uploaded to a secure website via SendStuffNow, MobileME or FTP which allows you to download files from anywhere. Say goodbye to email bouncebacks.

Optimized JPEG & Audio Compression

StuffIt’s compressors are specifically targeted for maximum efficiency with, JPEG, TIFFs, MP3s, PDFs, and Microsoft® Office documents and PowerPoint® presentations. Regain gigabytes of space. StuffIt Deluxe’s image compressors compress high-quality graphic and audio files, dramatically reducing the size without compromising their quality.



Stuffit Deluxe 2011 15.0.0

Stuffit Deluxe 2011 15.0.0