EasyTether v1.0.1 [Android]





EasyTether v1.0.1 (UPDATE: This method has been confirmed working with the latest version 1.0.1)
Share your phones mobile network with any computer using USB, without having to cough up more money to your wireless carrier!



Haven’t found a post about this here yet, except in the apps request section, so I figured I’d make one. This post does not contain a .apk for EasyTether v1.0.1. However, with a little bit of work, I will walk you through how to get it. Not only will you get the latest full version, but it will be fully update-able through the market!

Now follow along:
1. Download this .apk of an older version of EasyTether:


Scan results:


2. Push the .apk to your phones SD card. (If you do not know how to do this, why are you downloading apps off of the internet?)

3. Make sure you do not have ANY version of EasyTether currently installed on your phone. If you do… uninstall it! Very Happy

4. Install the old EasyTether .apk using your favorite app installer program.

5. After it is installed, run it and skip through the directions. You don’t have to install the PC software yet, so you can just check the box off that says you did.

6. Once your at the apps main menu, press your phone’s menu button and go to ‘about.’ Now write down the code that is in the shaded out box.
(Save this code. It does not change from version to version. So if you uninstall EasyTether or wipe your phone for any reason you will not have to do all this again. Simply enter this code into the latest version. This code will only change if you get a new phone.)

7. Force Close, Clear Data, and Uninstall the old EasyTether. You can also delete the .apk off of your phone’s SD card if you like.

8. Download the latest version of EasyTether Lite off of the Market.

9. Run it and follow the directions again, this time you should download the software for your computer, if you haven’t already.

10. Go to the ‘about’ screen again in the new version of EasyTether and input the code you previously wrote down.

11. Enjoy your fully functional and fully market update-able version of EasyTether by visiting Warez-BB while using your phone’s mobile network!