Steinberg Cubase Ai7 7.07 Mac OSX 2014| 3.23 GB

Steinberg Cubase Ai7 7.07 Mac OSX | 3.23 GB

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Steinberg Cubase
Steinberg Cubase Elements 7 (AI, LE) now include a new mixer MixConsole. It has a full screen mode and is highly scalable, allowing it to efficiently use a display
of any size.

With Channel Zones users can specify which channels and in what order will be displayed in the mixer, while View Sets offers faster presets EQ filter Dynamics, sends
and inserts.

Other advantages of the new MixConsole include: customizable icons tracks
Control Link function and Quick Link for communication channels and parameters, the possibility of dragging the channel setting (drag and drop), global bypass for
effects plug-in search functionality and an integrated virtual “sound engineering room.”
Also worth mentioning about Chord Track – channel strips with low- and high-frequency filters, cut-off filters, 4 -band EQ StudioEQ, three compressors, spectrum
analyzer, limiter, maximizer and 150 presets
created by producer Allen Morgan. Also available in Cubase 7 64 -band spline equalizer Voxengo CurveEQ,
volume measurement in accordance with EBU R128, as well as the latest version for MixConvert downmix in high quality.
Chord Track, highlighted track in the project window, defines the structure of music and transmits information about the chords in the MIDI- and audio tracks, are
processed fuktsii VariAudio. Another exclusive feature Cubase 7 – Chord Assistant
– Is intended to bind the chords and create harmonic sequences of them.
In addition to the already existing thousands of sounds for Cubase, new products will be new samples, loops and presets: new extension Hybrid Expansion for HALion
Sonic SE includes 300 new sounds of instruments whereas Groove Agent ONE and Beat Designer library provide new samples of drums and the corresponding MIDI- Loops.
Available more than 2000 additional MIDI- loops.

Functional enhancements increase productivity in various ways.
New sound engine Steinberg ASIO-Guard should improve stability and eliminate data loss.
For troubleshooting and diagnostics has run safe mode, which temporarily disables user settings.
Individual tracks and channels can now be found quickly in large projects through a search engine based on keywords.
MemZap function saves position and zoom factor in the project at any time.
Another advantage of Cubase 7 is a completely new software for the joint development of VST Connect SE,
with two-way communication and functionality chat and to transmit real- time video and audio streaming via the internet.


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