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Espresso 2.0

Espresso 2.0

Espresso 2.0


Espresso is not a bunch of apps forcibly smashed together. Instead, we looked at the needs of modern web developers and streamlined their workflow into one focused app. Extremely powerful editing and searching, sleek projects, live preview (we make CSSEdit!), real publishing and extensive synchronization tools.

Some features:

The Art of Code
Why choose between beauty and power? Between features and speed? With Espresso, you don’t have to. Elegant syntax highlighting, superior navigation, code folding, smart CodeSense, contextual text snippets, spell check, rich extensibility and raw speed: presenting a state-of-the-art text engine for code artists.

Navigator – much more than an ordinary symbol list
Espresso has a unique Navigator that’s best compared to CSSEdit’s styles list. It shows the hierarchical structure in your documents, no matter how complex. You can even drag around elements to reorganize your code!

Smart snippets
No editor is complete without a way to keep frequently used pieces of text. The sleek Snippets tool does that, and more. You can take advantage of selection placeholders, mirror transformations and tab triggers. Some languages even offer advanced contextual snippets, showing you just what you need.

Code folding – a hidden delight
There is more than meets the eye in the Espresso text editor. Move your mouse over the line number gutter, and a handy code folding ribbon fades in. Quickly collapse blocks of text for a more focused look at code. And the best thing? It works for any language that shows up in the Navigator.

CodeSense knows where you are
Espresso features an immensely powerful rule-based syntax engine, Core Syntax, that transforms your text documents into semantic structure. CodeSense leverages this power to suggest smart contextual completions in a language-independent manner. Any Sugar can easily offer amazing auto-completion support without writing a single line of code. And because completions are based on the advanced snippets, they are much more intelligent than simple text insertions.

Checks your speling, too
Of all the things you could write, messages to your users are probably the most influential. That’s why Espresso checks spelling as you type in non-code contexts. Whether you’re designing a site, coding a web app or writing an article, preventing a few typos is always welcome.

PPC / Intel, Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later

Version 2.0:

CSSEdit Styling Tools:
Yes! Espresso now comes with CSSEdit’s excellent visual tools. Think of this as CSSEdit 3 version 1.0 – a reboot, if you will.
Extensive CSS3 support including multiple text or box shadows, gradients and background images
Automatically generated/updated browser-specific properties for non-final CSS3 features
Web Preview and X-ray:
X-ray element inspection makes figuring out page layout and structure a breeze
X-ray Inspector shows applied styles for page elements and allows you to override and edit remote style sheets
Web Previews now support HTML5 local storage and SQL databases
Core Editing and Languages:
New and/or much improved built-in support for HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python, Apache and Markdown
Snippets are automatically converted to the active indentation level, line ending and spacing settings
New and improved Text actions: Zap Gremlins, Balance, Wrap With…
Code Folding is much more practical for many languages, hiding only the inner text of tags and functions
When many third-party Sugars are installed, overall performance has been greatly improved
Publish and Sync:
Server Sync has been updated with a beautiful, streamlined UI and convenient Update, Merge and Download options
Quick Publish is even easier to use (right next to your files), and applies to the entire project for a simpler workflow
When Quick Publishing items in Project Files, progress appears right next to the file or folder
In addition to List View, you can now also browse your servers in Column View
Completely rewritten Vroom FTP/SFTP/S3 engine with much improved concurrent connection support and tons of enhancements
Brand new Server Settings to start publishing quickly and easily
Project Files, Workspace and Tabs:
Quick Filter is back above Project Files for quick searches through your hierarchy
Workspace tabs and standalone tabs have been visually updated and present useful indicators about remote documents, etc.
Tearing off tabs to move them to standalone windows or back to a Workspace is now easier and more predictable
When multiple Workspace tabs are selected, they can be reordered or torn off together
Many fixes and improvements to the core browsing and managing functionality
Sugar Plug-Ins:
Brand new JavaScript API that makes it easy to create advanced custom functionality without having to compile code
Many improvements and new features for Sugars; see the Wiki for more info
Espresso 2 has a 16×16 icon. Also, way more fixes and tweaks than we could ever list here. A small sampling:
Edited files now show an edited indicator in Project Files, not just in the Workspace
Added support for ISO Latin 2 document text encoding
Improved support for symbolic links and aliases (including icon badges and cyclical link handling)
When a server limits the number of allowed connections, Espresso attempts not to get blacklisted
Fixed window blurring that could occur when zooming in the Projects window and others
Reduced the number of threads needed when connecting to multiple servers
Added Mac OS X 10.7-style overlay scrollers to the source list on Snow Leopard
Saving UTF-8 encoded files that include a BOM now preserves the BOM
Document icons in Workspace tabs can now be dragged if you click down for a moment before dragging
The document Navigator now selects whitespace ranges when selecting adjacent items
Show in Project Files is no longer available for Workspace items that exist outside the project hierarchy
Command-T now opens all selected Project Files instead of opening just one
Added control-tab / control-shift-tab shortcuts to switch between tabs in addition to the traditional shortcuts
Pressing tab or return inside Quick Filter now selects the first matching item
Selecting files using arrow up/down in Project Files now skips non-matching items when Quick Filter is active
Previewing an image in Project Files no longer locks the file (fixes Photoshop error dialogs)
When appropriate, server error reports offer to open Network Diagnostics for more information
When filtering in the Projects manager, the inspector popover disappears when the project does
Fixed a crash that could occur when loading websites with untrusted SSL certificates in a Web Preview
Web Previews now update their URL location when a page anchor is clicked
Holding option while clicking the Preview toolbar button opens the Web Preview in a new window
Text actions now get an automatic Undo name when the Sugar doesn’t explicitly configure one
CodeSense no longer offers zero-length suggestions unless you explicitly trigger it
Thank you very much for reading, we will validate your parking at the box office. Happy Espresso-ing! Now, it’s time for a cookie.

Espresso 2.0


Espresso 2.0