LauncherPro Plus v0.8.6  [Android] Apr11


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LauncherPro Plus v0.8.6 [Android]

LauncherPro Plus v0.8.6

Requirements: ANDROID:2.0 and up
Overview: LauncherPro is a launcher for android phones running 2.0+ that is made to give users more control over their launcher and add features.


LauncherPro Plus features:
– Super-smooth scrolling
– Animated screen previews (like Exposé or HTC Sense)
– Up to 7 home screens
– App drawer (2D and 3D!) with a fly-in effect and smooth scrolling
– Scrollable shortcut dock
– Unlock “LP Widget Settings”

If you can’t open it, download “ClearDefaultHome” or “Home Switcher”

You can check the version by pressing Menu > Preferences, then under LauncherPro it should say “LauncherPro Plus vX.XX”

What’s New:
NEW Support for icon packs.
NEW Real homescreen looping (enabled by default, you can disable in Preferences > Appearance Preferences).
NEW Option to hide homescreen icon label backgrounds.
Scrolling performance improvements.
Fixed an issue with 3rd party scrollable widgets on some HTC phones.
Fixed a visual glitch when using Light caches and the “Flip” transition.
Fixed hidden apps reappearing when they’re updated.

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How to create LauncherPro icon packs:


More Info:


download [fileserve]


download [rapidshare]